International courses of high musical perfection

Director:         M° Giuseppe Martone
Vice Director: M° Drahomira Biligova

Annual Courses and Masterclasses

The Accademia Musicale Romana realizes the INTERNATIONAL COURSES OF HIGH MUSICAL PERFECTION to give the possibility to young and very young musicians to express their qualities and develop their talent through the frequency of lectures-meetings with Masters of clear fame and great artistic-didactic value that can transmit the great artistic tradition to the new generations.
The INTERNATIONAL COURSES OF HIGH MUSICAL PERFECTION stand out for the high quality level of an original and complete didactic proposal, they have as final goal the cultural and intellectual formation of the new generations promoting these young artists within public concerts included in international concert seasons and festivals, in Rome and other places in Italy.
Another very important aspect is the preparation for the training of the person and interpersonal social relationships through the Chamber Music and Orchestral Training Courses that will also highlight the importance of cohesion between groups of people as well as team spirit for the achievement of a common goal and will give the opportunity to carry out a high quality and effective training in an environment full of stimuli and opportunities to make music together.

The right place for those looking for an educational offer of the highest level and many opportunities to play in prestigious contexts meeting internationally renowned artists.


Chi siamo

L’Accademia Musicale Romana è una ONLUS costituita nel 1997 per promuovere manifestazioni culturali in campo musicale e attività di formazione artistico-culturale delle nuove generazioni mediante l’organizzazione di Corsi musicali e la realizzazione di concerti con nomi importanti del concertismo italiano ed internazionale.

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